Coast to Coast ADR’s Mission

Coast to Coast ADR’s Mission is to bring prompt and affordable dispute resolution to businesses and consumers, to claimants and insurers, to employers and employees, to professions and their patients or clients.  Disputes are a fact of life. Businesses face claims from suppliers, competitors, employees, former employees and a multitude of others.  Patients  have bad results that lead to injury, death and financial harm from dealings with professionals, doctors, lawyers, health providers, accountants, financial advisors and other service providers. And those bad results lead to claims.  C2C ADR is intent on making dispute resolution as quick and painless as possible.

Lawyers know that alternative dispute resolution is the most effective path to settlement to facilitate prompt and fair resolution. ADR is typically quicker, cheaper and less stressful than going to trial. It puts everyone in a room focused only on resolving one dispute and vests everyone with that goal. ADR gives the disputing parties greater control over the process and the outcome. Under the guidance of a skilled arbitrator or mediator, alternative dispute resolution can save significant time and money.

Our neutrals are all experienced trial lawyers with decades of trials to verdict in their background. And they are all certified and experienced neutrals in their substantive fields as reflected in their CVs. Their goals are simple: prompt and fair resolution of your disputes.

And for the thousands of cases with an exposure below $35,000, C2C offers its Triple E Resolution Track (Expedited, Efficient and Economical). The Triple E Track permits the parties to settle the case incurring only the half day cost of a mediator. And  permits them to promptly resolve the rare unsettled case on that very same day by arbitration without having to engage a second neutral and adjourn to another time and place for an arbitration which repeats most of what occurs at the mediation.

E3 is cheaper and quicker. It is perfect for an amount in controversy under $35,000. And C2C will do this type of dispute resolution in any type of case by agreement. It opens real dispute resolution to the parties in a smaller case.  It permits the parties the freedom to settle or have an arbitrator’s decision without breaking the bank. The impetus to settle in the morning is self-imposed by this E3 dispute resolution track. The likelihood of settlement is substantially increased by E3 while the costs remained controlled.

This is the perfect method for resolving disputes between

  • Consumers and businesses
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Distributors and business customers
  • HOAs and owners
  • Contractors, owners and subs or suppliers
  • Auto bodily injury cases
  • Property damage cases
  • Accident cases

Email or call 619-786-7680 or 617-620-0224. Ask for Bob Flynn to discuss neutrals, scheduling and case resolution.  C2C ADR can help you resolve your dispute by alternative means of dispute resolution and bring it to closure within weeks of your call.

Experienced. Prompt. Effective.