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Traditional Mediations:  The mediation fee is $1,800.00 (morning or afternoon) or $3,600.00 (full day with lunch included).  Each party’s pro rata share of the mediator fee is due five (5) business days before the ADR session. Checks should be made payable to Coast to Coast ADR. Payment can be made online. Counsel and parties are jointly responsible for payment of all fees. Effective June 1, 2018.

Virtual Mediations: Virtual or online mediations during the Covid-19 Crisis $1,200 (half day) or $2,400 (full day) which is a 33.3% discount off the traditional mediation charges.

E3 Expedited Resolution Track: And for the thousands of cases with an exposure below $35,000, C2C offers its E3 Resolution Track (Expedited, Efficient and Economical). The E3 Track permits the parties to settle the case in the morning while incurring only the half day cost of a mediator. And permits disputants to promptly resolve the rare unsettled case on that very same day by arbitration while everyone is focused on that case without having to engage a second neutral and adjourn to another time and place for an arbitration which repeats most of what occurs at the mediation.

E3 is cheaper and quicker. It is perfect for an amount in controversy under $50,000. And C2C will do this type of dispute resolution in any type of case by agreement. It opens real dispute resolution to the parties in a smaller case.  It permits the parties the freedom to settle or have an arbitrator’s decision without breaking the bank.  An impetus to settle in the morning is self-imposed by this E3 dispute resolution track. The parties can avoid the extra neutral fee and the extra time lost from other activities by settling in the morning. And they retain the right to actually get a judgment from an arbitrator if preferred.

This is the perfect method for resolving disputes between

  • HOAs and owners
  • Auto bodily injury cases
  • Property damage cases
  • Some accident cases
  • Consumers and businesses
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Distributors and business customers
  • Contractors, owners and subs or suppliers


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