Mediation Fees and Policies

Effective June 1, 2014

Rates: Mediations are billed at $1,800.00 (morning or afternoon) or $3,500.00 (full day).  Each party’s pro rata share of the neutral or mediator fee is due five (5) business days before the ADR session. Checks should be made payable to Coast to Coast ADR. Payment can be made online. Counsel and parties are jointly responsible for payment of all fees.

And for cases with an exposure up to  $35,000 C2C uses an E3 (Expedited, Efficient, Economical) track which permits the parties to settle the case incurring only the half day cost of a mediator. And it permits the parties to then promptly resolve an unsettled case on that very same day by arbitration while everyone is focused and ready to go without having to engage a second neutral and adjourn to another time and place. E3 is cheaper and quicker. It is perfect for an amount in controversy under $35,000. And C2C will do this type of dispute resolution in any type of case by agreement. It opens real dispute resolution to the parties in a smaller case.  It permits the parties the freedom to settle or have a decision without breaking the bank. The impetus to settle in the morning is self-imposed by this E3 dispute resolution track. The likelihood of settlement is substantially increased by E3 while the costs remained controlled.

Billing for travel time:  Extra hours or reading or travel at $375. Travel time is billed only outside of San Diego County on the Southern California ADR sessions or outside of Massachusetts on the East Coast sessions.

Scheduling and Cancellations:  Parties may book mediations with a Coast to Coast ADR neutral in either half-day sessions or  full-day sessions. Coast to Coast ADR reserves the right to retain 50 percent of the pre-payment if the mediation is cancelled within three (3) days, and to retain 75% percent of the pre-payment if the cancellation is on the business day before the scheduled mediation. This is largely because the mere fact of a scheduled mediation is itself a settlement stimulating event and the mediator’s time and reputation validly reserved for the parties should be compensated.

Charge for Lack of Authority: Parties shall assure that at all mediation sessions the principal person with authority to agree to settlement terms is present, not simply available via telephone, but actually present, unless there is specific pre-mediation agreement by all involved including the mediator. It has been clearly demonstrated that the likelihood of a successful case resolution at mediation drops significantly with a key decision maker absent physically. An insurance claims person with authority shall be present for all cases involving liability claims.  A party failing to meet these obligations agrees to be responsible for any consequent cancellation fee.